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Shift your company towards efficiency

Inoshift is here to guide and support you through your digital innovation projects


Ready to innovate? Together we can reshape your business! Defining the strategy, goals and how to reach them

Integration and delivery

It’s time to deliver! Let us help you by increasing your workforce with our experts


Knowledge is power! Let’s train your people to automate your business, be aware of the latest technologies

We provide Project Management and Implementation for:

Process automation with RPA

Automate mundane tasks through multiple applications

Tasks automation with VBA

Automate complex and repetitives tasks on Microsoft Office (Excel, Word automation)

Maintenance and support

We maintain and offer various support services (on demand, 42h response time...) to have your back!

Data management software

Implement a comprehensive tool to handle your data and respect new data protection requirements

You require coaching, lessons or workshops?

Learn to create your own RPA robots!

Through deep dive workshops of 3 to 5 days or continous professional coaching, give your employees new tools to work with

VBA trainings and best practices

Ensure quality automation by providing your team training about best practices around VBA and useful tricks

Data protection awarness trainings

To protect the data is not yet instinctive. Through these trainings, get aware of common mistakes to avoid, what type of data to protect and what the law requires you do

Above services are complemented by these must have:

Automation strategy and operating model

We guide you to define the most suitable automation strategy and operatig model for your company. Nothing must be left to chance. Responsabilities, desision flow, automation framework and so on must be defined.

RPA Architecture and infrastructure

Depending on your specific situation, we define the best RPA infrastructure for you. The same goes for complex process automation, we look for the best solution architecture.

Quality and situation review

Everything is up and running, but you want to ensure it is fail safe? Request a 'health check' and we will provide you constructive feedback on your situation.

Process discovery, optimisation & prioritisation

Is it time to map your processes? Through workshops or with Process Mining, we can help you define in detail what is happening in each process and provide optimisation guidance as well as priorisation ranking for automation.