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Travel expenses entries done by RPA robot

How can RPA help you at work?

Consider tasks that you perform regularly and in a very repetitive way, while you should be taking care of other things that accumulate… With RPA, we can support you by automating redundant tasks, such as travel expense management. This way you can fully focus on your customer relations, analysis, report writing, complex case management, etc…

This blog post presents you with one of the many repetitive tasks: entering the travel expenses of the company’s employees in the ERP. This has to be done for accounting or billing (or even both) every month for each employee. We quickly get to a high volume of repetitive work.

Description of the robot that handles travel expense entries

It will do the job like any other employee. The robot starts by connecting to the SBB platform with its user name, searches for the trip information for given dates and employees, connects to the accounting/billing tool and enters the extracted data. Nothing magical except that it is automatic!

To have a better follow-up and overview of the costs, thanks to the automation, it is possible to make these entries daily, or even to enrich the information or to generate reports. This way, you can arrive in the morning and see that everything is already entered in your systems and have a good overview of your costs! All you have to do is validate and move on.

The video below is a recording of the virtual robot performing the tasks. As you can see, the robot works like a collaborator – using the user interfaces. Setting up such a robot takes only a few days! 

Whant do see more or try it out? Just contact us!