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The problem to be solved

We have all received the latest news and decisions from the Swiss Federal Council. In order to receive Covid aid for “cas de rigueur”, it is necessary to fill in several documents. For example, in the canton of Vaud, the new Excel form “Operating costs 2020” and the online application form must be completed.
For fiduciaries, this can represent an unexpected and urgent new workload. Their clients expect them to fill in these forms so that they can receive their aid. Therefore, for each of them, you have to go and look up the company name, the UID (Enterprise Identification Number), the balance sheets and turnover for 2018, 2019 and 2020, and the sector of activity just for the Excel file. This 20, 50, 300 times or more… You can easily count 3 min per Excel file to be filled in for 1 customer (this includes searching for the customer’s information in the CRM, entering it by hand in Excel and saving it in the right place with a name in the predefined format). This is a significant amount of time that has not necessarily been foreseen.

RPA support

Here RPA can support you by filling in the Excel files automatically. This will be processed faster as you can see in the video below (where the robot is slowed down to be able to follow by eye). This frees up the employee’s time and, above all, eliminates the risk of typing errors! These mistakes can be costly in terms of time and money. It is also possible to pre-fill in the online form for you. In this case, the robot will assist you and collaborate with you.
Watch the video showing a RPA robot, based on UiPath technology, filling in Excel forms automatically. All the names, turnover and IDE numbers are fictitious and have been created randomly.